Firefox search engine: FILECROP

FILECROP is a Rapidshare and MegaUpload search engine. It sounds really ordinary, since there are a lot of rapidshare search engines out there. But this one is different, in that, like google, it’s an extremely easy to use search engine which returns accurate results in a short time.

This engine has proven to be an awesome alternative to google when I’m searching for files, since google searches for text, and sometimes ignores the “download” keyword.

I used this engine to an extent that I started to wish that I had this search engine next to google and wikipedia in my firefox search bar. I searched for a firefox addon, and even though I stumbled upon some rapidshare search addons, none of them were nearly as good as filecrop.

So, I decided to make my own filecrop search addon…, and I did! Now you can download it for use on your firefox!


UPDATE: Instead of using this, you can simply use “Add to Search Bar” add-on for firefox. It’s easier to use, and it supports all search engines.

2 thoughts on “Firefox search engine: FILECROP

  1. HDJ

    very nice file searching engine. Is the file downloaded safe from virus? This include peer to peer downloads?
    Hey Geze where u from? Just curious 🙂

  2. Gezegond

    The file downloads are mostly RapidShare and they’re safe. (Unless the file you decided to download is infected, which can happen any time if you’re not sure what you’re downloading.)
    If you run a virus check on your downloaded files, you’ll be fine.

    No P2P. They might add it later though, but I like it more the way it is.

    I’m not gonna say where I’m from. (I have my reasons) All I can say right now is that I’m from Asia.


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