Integrated Open Web Analytics

Quick progress. I integrated Open Web Analytics into my website. I initially thought it would require lots of setup and database management but fortunately it had built in support for WordPress so all I had to do was to download and copy it into my wordpress plugin folder and then activate it in wordpress.

Once activated in wordpress it works with any page you put the tracker on (I used the Async Tracker), you only have to point the tracker to your wordpress plugin folder and use the same “SiteId” that your wordpress blog is using (unless you want to track your other pages separately, I didn’t) and you’re good to go. The only other thing needed was to add an extra line for customized information for each page. These information will be used by OWA database. Here’s an example:

owa_cmds.push(['setPageProperties', {"page_url":"http:\/\/\/pagename.html","page_type":"MyPageType","page_title":"Page's name goes Here","site_id":"(Your site id goes here)"}]);

Now I can actually check if my website has any viewers or not. Here’s hoping someone looks at it some time. 🙂 And in the process of posting this blog I created this code box css style to use for my blog 😀

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