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I bought this domain (www.gezegond.com) almost 2 years ago, to host my own web page. I had always wanted to have my own webpage, hell I learned Microsoft FrontPage when I was 12 to use make my own website when not many people even had internet access in my country.

But purchasing domain names were very problematic there, with my first purchased domain the company I had signed up with demanded a tripled rate for renewal after a year, and I refused to give in so my website just died and I stopped trying to host websites.

Some years later I found out about weblogs and blogger in particular caught my attention because of its extensive customization options which effectively allowed you to create your own website without all the hassles of domain registration, hosting, etc.

I set up my own blogger blog, which I tried to update regularly. I wasn’t a particularly skilled blogger however, and didn’t really have much to talk about. To add to that my country kept blocking blogger every once in a while and it wasn’t really easy to update my blog from a technical standpoint, so I kinda let it go and stopped updating it.

This all changed when I moved to UK 2 years ago. I registered for the domain name and moved my blogger blog to this new wordpress self hosted solution. I was intending to update it regularly, however I usually had too much to do for university and living alone had also made my free time more limited than it was before when I lived with my family.

Well finally it’s time. Due to some bad experiences I’ve had with university in the past year I’ve stopped believing that university will get me anywhere, at least in terms of game design. So now I’m determined to do everything related to game design by myself in my own time.

And that requires a website to host my stuff, so viva new design!

Website Design Sample

I tried to make the design as minimalistic and streamlined as possible without sacrificing functionality.

As for the blog, I don’t have anything specific in mind right now. I used to want to review each and every game I played, but I’m not much into that anymore. I hope to use this weblog to post updates on my progress with my projects. At the very least I’m hoping it would contribute to keep me motivated.

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