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Progress: TDefense

I have been working on my tower defense flash game (aptly named “TDefense”) and I’ve made some good progress so far. Now there are 3 types of enemies instead of just one, there’s a new enemy spawning system, and I’ve also put in a lot of new graphics! Most of the graphics were downloaded from OpenGameArt but I’ve adapted them to fit the game.

Some major things left to do:

  • Make more turret types.
  • Add (good) sounds effect.
  • Menu System’s graphics.
  • Balancing.

So far balancing has been the most difficult task (not what I was expecting), but I’ll get it right eventually!

An experimental mid-development build of the game can be played here.

TDefense screenshotCredits: chabull, for turrets and roads.


Free art assets to use commercially for 2D top down fantasy RPGs

I’ve been looking to create a JRPG style top down fantasy RPG and possibly generate income from it, but creating all the different necessary art requires a dedicated artist which I can’t afford. That’s where Open Game Art comes into picture. A website dedicated to free art assets for use in your games.

A recent update to the website allows users to create collections of art, and it greately enhances the discoverability of the art assets on the site. There were many collections on the site for top down RPGs, however none of them were exclusively collecting assets that can be used commercially. (CC0 and CC:BY licenses) So I made my own collection and made it public so other people can use it as well. I will tweak the collection when I find new assets.

Click here to view the collection.

Art assets collection screenshotDo you have any suggestions to be included in the collection? Leave a comment below:

HTML and CSS Code Box for your website and wordpress

Many website and forums have built in code boxes with which you can simply use a BBCode to create a code box. These boxes are formatted with smaller text and suited for reading code, and they sometimes have syntax highlighting and line numbering features, especially if the website is mainly targeted at coders.

If you want your own code boxes to use in your own website or wordpress site there are some solutions already available:

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The Stranger Abridged

After reading The Stranger by Albert Camus, I had very mixed feelings about it and decided to write a review. However given the fact that the book is quite old, I thought it had been already reviewed and analyzed to death and anything I’d say would be repetition. So I figured I could do something a bit more creative instead. This is a very very abridged version of the book in the form of a comic. I hope you enjoy.

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The Last Remnant related files for PC

Below is a list of files related to The Last Remnant (PC) gathered from around the net in one place for your convenience.

Num Item Links
1 Demo Download (1GB)
2 Full Game Steam
3 Related Websites Official Website
The Last Remnant Wiki
4 System Requirements View
5 Box Covers View
6 Game Icon Download
7 Reviews GameRankings
8 Screenshots GameSpot
9 Soundtrack iTunes
10 Hacks View
11 Unlockables View
12 Videos GameTrailers
13 Save File Download
14 Trainer Download
15 Wallpapers Link
16 Walkthroughs Link
17 Guide PDF Download
18 Avatars Source 1
Source 2
19 Ringtone Download