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HTML and CSS Code Box for your website and wordpress

Many website and forums have built in code boxes with which you can simply use a BBCode to create a code box. These boxes are formatted with smaller text and suited for reading code, and they sometimes have syntax highlighting and line numbering features, especially if the website is mainly targeted at coders.

If you want your own code boxes to use in your own website or wordpress site there are some solutions already available:

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Resolutions comparison sheet

A digital image is made of “pixels“, small dots of color that when stringed together, form the image. The more pixels you have, the clearer the image is. The total number of these pixels in an image is called “Resolution“.
Another important factor of any image is the “Aspect Ratio“. This states how wide an image is. As an example, a 4:3 image is any image that it’s width is 4/3 times larger than it’s height.

This is a list comparing different resolutions, included are:

  • PC resolutions: The common resolutions used for PC desktop or in games.
  • Console outputs: The video signal a video game console outputs to a TV.
  • Mobile device displays: The resolution a portable device display screen.
  • Standard films: The resolution of home use film formats.
  • TV broadcast: The resolution of common television systems.

Here is a detailed explanation of sheet data:

  • Width: Number of horizontal pixels.
  • Height: Number of vertical pixels.
  • Resolution: Total number of pixels.
  • Aspect: Mathematical equation of width divided by height. Wider resolutions have higher “aspects”.
  • Ratio: Resolution aspect ratio. “A” denotes being so close to an aspect ratio that it is used as one. As an example, a “16:9 A” aspect ratio might be used for wide-screen gaming. “C” denotes not having a standard resolution. In this case, the closest common aspect ratio has been stated with a “C” next to it.
  • Comment: Additional information on the resolution.

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Firefox search engine: FILECROP

FILECROP is a Rapidshare and MegaUpload search engine. It sounds really ordinary, since there are a lot of rapidshare search engines out there. But this one is different, in that, like google, it’s an extremely easy to use search engine which returns accurate results in a short time.

This engine has proven to be an awesome alternative to google when I’m searching for files, since google searches for text, and sometimes ignores the “download” keyword.

I used this engine to an extent that I started to wish that I had this search engine next to google and wikipedia in my firefox search bar. I searched for a firefox addon, and even though I stumbled upon some rapidshare search addons, none of them were nearly as good as filecrop.

So, I decided to make my own filecrop search addon…, and I did! Now you can download it for use on your firefox!


UPDATE: Instead of using this, you can simply use “Add to Search Bar” add-on for firefox. It’s easier to use, and it supports all search engines.

3 in 1 One Piece, Naruto, Bleach Wallpaper

Here’s a wallpaper from the anime & manga series of One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. If you’re interested in all of them, download it and put it on your desktop.
Info: Size is 1024×768, If you have too many icons on your desktop download the alternative wallpaper.
Note: None of the wallpaper elements, including Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, Shonen Jump Logo, and Background pics are my work. I just downloaded them from internet and put them together.


UPDATE: Updated the wallpaper, fixed luffy’s red cuts.

Multitap 4 Player PS2 Games

Seventh Gen consoles have dedicated themselves to online-gaming and old school split-screen is gone even from most racing games. This is not bad because finding someone to play online with is really easier than finding someone that can actually come to your place in order to play with you. However recently my friends come along to visit (usually my cousins) and when we want to play some game, two of us have to watch the others play, and it’s really annoying. That made me think that maybe I should buy a Multi-Tap for my good-old PS2. I did some searches on the web to find out what games support the multi-tap, and the results were not so nice. Usually people stated “PS2 doesn’t have any good 4 Player games”. However I gathered information about PS2 games that support Multi-Tap (Mostly from, but also from different forums and back cover of some games I already had) and then I compiled a list sorting them by their “Game Rankings” score (which is the average critic score) and the result was surprising! Not that PS2 has good 4 player games, but in fact it has lots of it. I had to censor most sports titles to prevent overcrowding and let the best game for each sport to stay on the list. So here’s the TOP50 4-Player PS2 Game: (click on the game title to go to its gamespot main page or click on the score to read its review)

GAME Describtion SCORE
NCAA Football 2004 92.97
World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International 92.83
Madden NFL 2004 92.04
TimeSplitters 2 Deathmatch 91.55
Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Multiplayer 91.44
World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International 90.83
NBA Street Vol. 2 90.16
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 89.78
NHL 2002 88.96
NBA 2K2 88.89
Twisted Metal: Black Split-Screen 88.08
Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore Tag Battle 86.92
NASCAR Thunder 2004 86.72
WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain 86.19
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Deathmatch 86.05
Tekken Tag Tournament Tag Battle 85.54
Amplitude 85.51
Champions of Norrath Co-operative 85.29
Frequency 84.32
Freedom Fighters Competitive 84.08
TimeSplitters Competitive 83.93
Red Faction II Competitive 83.56
Def Jam: Fight for NY Competitive 83.51
ATV Offroad Fury Split-Screen 83.5
Quake III Revolution Competitive 83.01
Sega Sports Tennis Tennis 82.96
Pro Race Driver Split-Screen 82.85
Ratchet: Deadlocked Competitive 82.76
F1 2001 Split-Screen 82.37
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Co-operative 81.95
Gitaroo Man 81.84
Need for Speed Underground 2 Split-Screen 81.37
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Co-operative 81.04
ATV Offroad Fury 2 Split-Screen 81.02
Culdcept Card Game 81
X-Men Legends Co-operative 81
Alien Hominid 80.99
James Bond 007: NightFire Competitive 80.81
Def Jam Vendetta Competitive 80.3
MTV Music Generator 2 Cooperative 79.91
Mashed 79.13
MVP 06 NCAA Baseball Competitive 78.32
Micro Machines V3 PS1 Game 78.04
The Simpsons: Hit & Run Cooperative 77.82
The Adventures of Cookie & Cream Cooperative 77.69
MotoGP 3 Competitive 77.63
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Competitive 77.48
Unreal Tournament Competitive 77.02
Burnout Dominator No MultiTap 76.38
Champions: Return to Arms Competitive 76.38

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UPDATE: I have confirmed that “Need for Speed Underground 2” for PS2 DOES NOT have 4-player multitap support. I regret the error.