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Progress: TDefense

I have been working on my tower defense flash game (aptly named “TDefense”) and I’ve made some good progress so far. Now there are 3 types of enemies instead of just one, there’s a new enemy spawning system, and I’ve also put in a lot of new graphics! Most of the graphics were downloaded from OpenGameArt but I’ve adapted them to fit the game.

Some major things left to do:

  • Make more turret types.
  • Add (good) sounds effect.
  • Menu System’s graphics.
  • Balancing.

So far balancing has been the most difficult task (not what I was expecting), but I’ll get it right eventually!

An experimental mid-development build of the game can be played here.

TDefense screenshotCredits: chabull, for turrets and roads.


My Gaming History

I loved cartoons when I was a kid. You might think well all kids do, but in my case when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied “Animator”. That’s how much I was into them. The first time I played a game, it was at my father’s workplace (interestingly enough) playing a very very primitive 3D game on DOS which I still don’t know the name of. It was a spaceship shooter game in the same veins of “Descent”, but with very very primitive graphics. I couldn’t play on my own because it was too complicated for me, so someone else steered the ship and I pressed the fire button whenever he told me.

Later I played a bunch of games here and there on computers at my dad’s workplace (notably Doom), my friend’s computer (notably Wolf 3D), on my cousin’s computer (notably Aladdin), and on my other cousin’s NES (notably Contra), amongst other places, but I didn’t have any gaming device on my own. Instead I had board games, of which I quickly grew tired of partly due to them being boring compared to computer games and partly because there was no one to play them with. I usually ended up trying to create my own variations of the board games I had by changing their rules, or make original ones using a piece of paper. I also enjoyed making comics. I didn’t know how to write so I’d just draw the pictures and ask someone else to write the text as I told them to.

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Updated the website

I bought this domain ( almost 2 years ago, to host my own web page. I had always wanted to have my own webpage, hell I learned Microsoft FrontPage when I was 12 to use make my own website when not many people even had internet access in my country.

But purchasing domain names were very problematic there, with my first purchased domain the company I had signed up with demanded a tripled rate for renewal after a year, and I refused to give in so my website just died and I stopped trying to host websites.

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